Because I'm Playing Catch-Up: May Via My Phone

by - 6:26:00 PM

^^helping grandma announce at the jr. high track meet^^

^^kendon got his mission call! fresno, california: you're about to be hit by the best missionary! (and we'll miss him like craaaaazy, but we'll share, i guess)

^^d. and i took a quick, weekend trip to connecticut to scope out the area and find a place to live. facetime to the rescue, again!^^

^^the stress and happenings of may got displayed on a masking tape + post-it calendar in the bedroom. maybe a little much, but it eased our minds for some reason.^^

^^aunt haylee came to stay and help pack. lifesaver!^^

^^last minute trip the the air force base museum with cousins.^^

^^josh and syd came to help back/babysit/play with us!^^

^^so tired after playing with family she fell asleep coloring with her birthday present.^^

^^missing our idaho before we'd even left it.^^

^^a few pizzas for abby's birthday party. i maaaay have over estimated how much we needed. nobody tell dustin, he kept trying to tell me we didn't need that many. but, i'm never wrong.^^

^^aunt hailey came too!^^

^^picnic on the floor with said birthday leftovers!^^

^^long day of packing and we were left with a mattress, tv, and a tired family.^^

^^goodbye party with our friends: s'mores, backyard fire, and so many laughs. let me tell you, friends like that didn't make it any easier to leave.^^

^^a trip to slc via the frontrunner to visit the church history museum. everyone loves lisa. it's no secret.^^

^^conversation with dustin following abby's two year well check. she's still huge, people. and we're still loving parents.^^

^^and these friends. one last lunch meet up with these guys. at zupa's of course!^^

^^our last night in roy we drug the air mattress back upstairs to sleep in our bedroom. because, we're (i'm) sentimental like that. this was the first place we really felt at home. and it absolutely killed us to leave it.^^

^^car literally packed to the brim. we left some things behind, but i refused to drive up again. i would have locked myself inside and refused to leave. ever. again.^^

^^first snowcones of the season made by the one and only: uncle kenny!^^

^^picnic in the park with my best high school friend: jessica and her two adorable kids.^^

^^lake time in preston.^^

^^asleep on the plane! hallelujah! miracles happen, people!^^

I won't lie, putting these pictures together was rough. Re-living the process of moving, the stress, the goodbyes, the nervousness, the crying... it's rough. Moving stinks. Plain and simple: stinks. But, we did it. Roy treated us so well. We met some of the best of friends, lived by some of our oldest friends, and really felt "at home" there. Abby changed from baby to toddler there. She had little friends. I had friends (which, as a mother, is not an easy feat, i'll be the first to admit!) Dustin loved his job, and his position. We loved our little neighborhood. But, change is inevitable. We took the opportunity knowing that it will open up so many doors in our future. We took it because we would have always wondered "what if" if we didn't take it. And, we accepted the change because we know it's what is supposed to be happening right now. 

Even so, I think we will always know we left a little piece of ourselves in Roy, UT. 

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