Harrison Family Chaos

by - 6:47:00 PM

^^would you look at my child.^^

We weren't naive. Family pictures have never gone super smooth for the Harrison family. I mean, put nine strong personalities (plus one super, duper easy going in-law and a grandchild who has more personality in her right toe than anyone else) - it's expected. But, in the next two years, there won't be a time the whole family will be together, in one spot, again (given morgan is about the gallivant in spain for part of the summer, we've moved - obviously, and kendon leaves for his two year mission in august). So, family pictures were not only overdue, but necessary. 

Anyway, we won't hash the details. But, thanks to a trusty (but broken) tripod we succeeded with a few. It goes without saying, these people mean the world to us. I mean, really, they make our world go 'round.

^^are you a friends watcher? "look down. look down..." if you aren't (we aren't can't be friends any longer. no pun intended, though i do find it hilarious.) here is the clip.^^

^^guys. this husband of mine.^^

^^i mean, really. this guy is a clown.^^

^^these two have the oddest relationship. uncle "kenny" is abby's biggest annoyance and fan all wrapped in one. i often catch her looking at herself in the mirror, flashing her belly, and saying "whooooo!" kendon is the culprit. i'm sure of it.^^

^^i mean. my heart.^^

^^a typical picture with their missionary. it's accurate. and, the best one.^^

^^nailed it. also, this was caught real-life moment.^^

^^she gets zero attention or special treatment. ha!^^

^^and i'll leave you with this. often, people ask how d. fits in with the harrison chaos. i'd say he's doing just fine.^^

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