A Day at the Zoo + Cross Bronx Pizza

by - 10:30:00 AM

The day we had to take Grandma Patty and Papa John to the airport, D. took the day off, and we mourned their leaving by going to the Bronx Zoo. For Girlfriend's birthday, they gave us a family membership the the New York City zoos. I mean, amazing, right? Of course Abby ate it up. We was so excited to the the lion, monkeys, and the triceratops (we know it as the rhinoceros)!

After leaving the zoo, and a quick tour of Dustin's mission area in the Bronx, we stopped on the side of the road and volunteered Papa John as tribute to get some pizza for everyone; but, no ordinary pizza. (d. knew this place from his mission - and stopped there often, apparently. it still lived up to his standards.)

Dropping John and Patty off at the airport was tough. They literally saved our move, and eased the transition. I just don't think they understand how grateful we are. And, really, it was hard to say goodbye to our last piece of home. (this move has made me even more sentimental, watch out.)

We obviously didn't catch an overload of pictures. Whoops, but do have plenty of video. I can never find the right balance. 

^^abby was really good at instructing grandpa when to take a picture^^

^^can you see patty trying to take a picture of girlfriend? she does a really good job obeying. can you tell?^^
^^cross bronx pizza, y'all (stolen from d's instagram and papa john's phone)^^

^^guys, that's three slices.^^

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