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I've  been absent on this space. And, I'll be honest. We've had a hard time adjusting. While I'm not sure if it's because we just had it so darn good in our last home, or if it's been extra hard here - it's been rough. It may have something to do with out 600 square foot living space, too. So, sometimes I don't have a whole bunch to say. At least that I want to share publicly. But, I think all of this is to be expected. We've barely been here a month and a half; and it's a ginormous change.

Buuuuut.... we are getting there. As hard as day to day living can be, weekends and evening have been jam packed of exploring the areas around us. So much to do, in so little space, guys! We went to D.C. for the 4th of July (which we found an appropriate way to celebrate; to be documented soon!), made multiple trips to the city, and have spent plenty of time exploring the area surrounding us. (boston is in the near future, i believe!)D. is enjoying his new office, and as always is excelling in everything he does.

I don't know that we've ever considered ourselves tied to a particular area. But, I do know we are going to soak up our visits home; appreciation has been taken to a whole new level. Meanwhile, we will be exploring, and forever on the hunt for milk under four dollars a gallon, a Wal*Mart, and Jimmy John's; you know, a little piece of familiarity.

Also, Aunt Mogan comes Friday morning! We couldn't be more excited! (hint, hint to the rest of you! we've got ample room in our spacious apartment!)

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