First Time in NYC

by - 9:50:00 AM

^^really, there are no words. saints, these two.^^

So, moving is chaotic, stressful, and it is inevitable something will go wrong. This, we knew. But, still - we (meaning dustin, while i sat nearby crying) planned, planned, stressed, and planned. Dustin had every little detail organized and planned. We arrived at the airport, where we were met by Papa John and Grandma Patty (have I mentioned they drove our car cross country for us?! and then, they thanked us! yeah, i'm still confused. but, we are eternally grateful.), and then we drove our overly packed car to New Cannan, CT where we planned to crash friends' house for the evening, pick up our junk from u haul the following day - and move into our apartment. Crazy, exhausting, but workable - and planned. Right? Wrong.

Our junk didn't make it (not for a few days, at least). I did not handle it well, but better than expected, I think. So, we improvised and caught a train into the city. Abby and I were a disaster, and exhausted. And, maybe a little overwhelmed. But, the hustle and bustle of the city is entertaining and captivating. We took the train to Grand Central Station, where we wandered around Times Square. After being back to the city since, I'll admit I don't love Times Square - a little out of my element (ha!). We ate from street vendors, and had a Mr. Softee! A dream come true, for me. I'm being completely serious. 

I couldn't really tell you about the pictures below. I'm sure they are of nothing, really. I was trying to snap pictures, but keep the naked people out of the shots. (literally, naked.) So, here goes nothing.

^^grand central station^^

^^crepes from the street vendors! glamour, right there.^^

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