Sick in the Summer

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^^blurry (stupid to state it's blurry, when you can obviously see that for yourself. like, duh, it's blurry.). obviously i was in a hurry to get to my own pizza on the other side of the blanket.^^

I just spent 30 minutes writing a post about Morgan's visit (a couple weeks ago), pushed save, and it's gone. I'm not even joking. So, I'm livid (really i am; a total over reaction, but nobody's surprosed by that.) and threatening to sue Google. Because I feel like that's appropriate. And my time is precious. I mean, it's naptime! I need to be watching Friday Night Lights, not getting my blog post deleted! Sheesh.

We are sick around here, guys. In the tail end of the summer, it's raining and we are sick. Last night we ordered pizza, and stayed in our pajamas all day. Well, Abby and I did. Dustin showered and dressed to make us feel guilty and lazy. Jokes. Someone has to go to work and pay for us to live and party. Today I hoped we were on the mend, when Abby started crying and wouldn't stop. And then puked. So, that's awesome. I should have seen it coming yesterday when she only ate half a piece of pizza (she usually puts down two, if not three, without blinking) and refused chocolate cake. Have you tried the lava cakes from Dominoes? Dustin's obsessed!

So, we haven't showered, or brushed our hair, or changed for 48 hours. We smell goooooood.

We head to Idaho next week (exactly a week! yahoo!) to see Chase (can't believe we haven't seen him face to face yet!) and send off Kendon (we are dreading that moment. we plan to soak up every last second we can with him. because, we're going to miss the crap outta that kid. but please, don't tell him that). 

School is just around the corner. I really hoped summer would be refreshing for me, but it really just made me want to prolong the next semester more. You know how nice it is to be on Pinterest and not feel guilty because there is a paper waiting? Also, I finally applied for and graduated with my Associates Degree; because, it's been seven years since i began college and I felt like that was adequate time. I mean, I didn't want to make other people feel dumb. Seven years for a two year degree - quite the bragging point. 

In other news, Girlfriend now sleeps in a "big girl bed." And seems to do fine. I was so nervous. Though she has rolled off a few times. We are on the hunt for a bed rail ASAP. Really though, the transition has been easier than I expected. Though, this morning, when I rolled over half asleep and her face was millimeters from mine and she whispered (toddler whisper: half screaming in a raspy voice), "bake uuuuup, mooooom." I nearly went into full on karate kid mode. Scared me half to death, really. 

Anyway. That's been our lives: counting down for our vaca (because that's what i hear the cool kids call it), karate chopping our creeper toddler, vomit, and suing google. 

Yup, 'bout it. 

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  1. Well I can TOTALLY relate with your schooling stuff! ;) Congrats on getting your Associates Degree! Wahoo! I DEFINITELY think that is something to celebrate! (Even if you have been going to school long enough to almost be a doctor... because that was totally me! ha ha!) We just had a 24 hour stomach bug here too... bleh. Luckily it was just the kids though. Hope you all get better soon!