Aunt Mooooogan!

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^^at the met. because we're sophisticated and crap. but really, i wish i could appreciate it as much as morg. she was in her heaven.^^

Morgan came to see us at the end of July. 10 days with my sister never felt so good. She watched Abby, let us drag her around everywhere, stayed in our teeny apartment, never complained once, washed our dishes, gave us excuses to explore the city, and just plain kept us entertained. 

We were super sad to send her off to Spain (yes, i said spain. she is the world traveler of the bunch.) and Abby especially missed Aunt Mooooogan. Come back, Morg! (all, and i mean every.single.picture. below is taken by morgan. because, i suck with my camera lately annnnnnd, she's an amazing photographer.) Anyway, I'll let a few pictures speak for themselves. 

^^sassy. with food leftover on her face from our picnic in central park. because, her life is soooo hard.^^

^^one night, morg babysat. this is what we came home to. obviously.^^

^^utilizing our zoo membership we drug morgan to the bronx zoo. particularly, we were in search of the dinosaur exhibit this evening as abby is OBSESSED with "asoars." and...she cried, and clung to dustin the entire time. declaring it, "sceery."^^

^^nothing a little coco helado can't fix, though. we are firm believers in traumatizing, then promptly bribing our children.^^

^^one night, when i was feeling particularly low, dust and morg ventured into times square for the evening (not really a place i'd like to take my innocent toddler at night). and there, dustin found his heaven.^^

^^see the statue of liberty? no? that little dot? ah, yes, there she is. we were not brave enough to attempt the ride out to see her in person. someday, lady liberty, someday.^^

^^ground zero. incredible.^^

^^and then we went back to vietnam. jokes. we wandered through china town.^^

^^and little italy, and ate. a lot. and promptly entered a delicious pasta comatose.^^

^^come back to us, morg! (also, that painful look? i think it was an attempted smile. forced attempt. we'll give her props for effort.)^^

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  1. why did i just see this?!?!?!?! ah... it was adorable. i want to come back soooo bad! the east coast is so dreamy. and you guys are my favorite.