Because I'm Playing Catch Up: August Via My Phone (minus the idaho part)

by - 12:15:00 PM

August was kind of uneventful (to put it politely). Between Morgan leaving, and me still puking my guts out - we laid loooooow. 

^^possibly my favorite moment in all of tv history. ok, i say that all the time. but, really. hilarious.^^

^^headed to the splash pad next door with this diva^^

^^paying her respects to r.w. in walmart. because, we keep it classy, guys.^^

^^paying respects to grandpa h. and eating arby's. and maybe giving in to pregnancy cravings, too. it's quite the feat tracking down the foods to satisfy these cravings lately.^^

^^pez museum. because, why not?^^

^^possibly my biggest accomplishment in all of august. what? i was sick in bed. also, i promptly deleted the app (at the encouragement of my tortured husband).^^

^^headed to idaho! this was during some turbulence; abby cheered and laughed out loud, find it amusing. the woman in front of us vomitted. it was a fun flight from denver to slc. (also note: wearing her 'big sister' shirt - ready to reveal the big news grandma patty and papa john!)^^

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