Because I'm Playing Catch-Up: July Via My Phone

by - 4:40:00 PM

^^introducing her dolly to east coast summer rainstorms.^^

^^a d.c. selfie at its finest.^^

^^my two favorites.^^

^^we learned the hard way that abby's popsicle eating skills do not compete with the connecticut heat and humidity in the dead of july.^^

^^a trip to the tepanyaki restaurant proved quite entertaining with a toddler.^^

^^he's a lucky guy.^^

^^tantrums galore. this scene is all too regular.^^

^^reference above photo. this is mid shopping in ikea. it's never ending here, folks.^^

^^this was made for me. especially mid pregnancy. i'm vicious in my sleep, guys. just plain mean.^^

^^abby and morgan found their happy place.^^

^^long story, but he's filling water balloons for a ward party. in the most efficient (and he tested all sorts of variations of the task) way possible in our apartment. via, the water heater closet.^^

^^and, this. fellow pll viewers (we've lost all pride and now admit openly we view the show. i mean, who the crap is 'a'?!)? we have a fitz clone in our midst.^^

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