That One Time We Went to D.C.

by - 3:34:00 PM

Well, once upon a time we ventured to D.C. (once upon a time referring to the fourth of july.) What better place to celebrate America than in the capital itself? I mean, really. And, while we have recently inhabited the East Coast, we thought, why not? So, we did. The drive was a little on the long side (mind you, i was ill - nausea and vomiting + a five hour car ride is not a party), but we made it (after what seemed like endless tolls, a giant rainstorm, and traffic - always traffic here folks). 

Somehow we failed to get pictures. This just seems to be the story of our lives lately. But, we did enjoy ourselves (sans said vomiting. oh the joy.). I mean, fireworks on the lawn of the Washington Monument, doesn't get better than that. 

A second trip to D.C. has made it's way to our bucket list. Again. 

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