Tragic Sundays

by - 8:01:00 AM

^^taken before church. you know, when we're all happy, and hopeful this week will be different. and, mom isn't screaming slightly upset about the state of the laundry (and apartment in general), like i often do after built up stress of church.^^

You guys, I've come to actually dread Sundays.

While the day starts off pleasantly enough, and Girlfriend excitedly dances around begging for nursery and "turch," it soon spirals out of control.

Sacrament meeting is a toss up, but inevitably includes at least one screaming meltdown. Usually because a puzzle piece does not fit perfectly on first attempt. And then, there's nursery. I'm called to work in the nursery - but with the older kids. Abby is in the junior nursery, but refuses to go without me (or dustin). So, she screams, they bring her to me, then she terrorizes the older kids for the remainder of the time. Until I make her stop, then she cries for Dustin (who is in the primary). And she cries, and cries.

So, last week was no different than usual, I took her to her beloved dad to save the day. Only to have her pull the fire alarm. For the whole building. Yup, the cause for the stressed parents, frantic children, frustrated everyone else - our very own Lady.

There you have it folks. Our (read: my)  reasons for inactivity.

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  1. You will laugh about this someday. I kind of love this story.