A Weekend in Boston

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Well, folks. The East Coast just has too much to offer. And, we are (slowly) falling in love with all the opportunities and super fun things to do! Boston is a place D. and I have always dreamed of going. And, it's just as wonderful as we thought. In fact, the old, rustic downtown intermingled with the new is incredible. Harvard's campus had us head over heels in love. 

On the way there (it's only 2.5 hours, guys!) we stopped in a historic town recommended to us by a friend: Old Sturbridge Village. And really, the rainy day, gray skies, and amazing fall colors had me swooning all day. The hip aches and back cramps that come with riding passenger in the car at six months pregnant, however, did not. 

Abby loved the village (mostly the animals and carriage ride). I loved the colors, romance of a historic New England town, and yummy clam chowder for lunch, and. D. was going nuts for the historic facts and the water powered everything. And then, we stopped on the way home too - because we just loved it so much (and they gave us a return ticket for free within 10 days...). 

 And then, we headed to Boston. We stopped first at Harvard, wandering around the campus, acting super smart, and dreaming of business school there...because, dreams are dreams, right? That night after D. gave into my obsession with Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and humored me with a meal at an Italian seafood restaurant (to die for!) we wandered down the pier (ok, I complained and speed walked) to see the skyline at night.

The next day we watched some street performers, were in awe of the craziness of Quincy Market, and walked a little of the Freedom Trail. And, at the end of the day when Abby and I were complaining - stopped by the USS Constitution Ship.  We had plans to see the Tea Party ships the next morning, but no parking, and a screaming toddler who only wanted to see the animals at the old village made for an early getaway from the city. 

^^so, super bummed we missed the times available to tour the ship! next time, next time.^^

Really, though, both of us fell in love with Boston. Our only regret was not having my dad there with us. But, we are definitely going back. And, really, New England in the Fall is winning my heart in a way I really doubted it could. 

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