Dear Neighbors

by - 2:04:00 PM

^^said two-year-old for your ever compassionate viewing pleasure^^

To Our Complaining Neighbors and Management,

Your complaints about noise were received by a very hormonal, and distraught 6.5 month pregnant woman.

If you had any sense at all, you would know that we have a two-year-old daughter. A very spirited, determined, but very normal, two-year-old daughter. She often has races with herself, pushes her baby in a stroller, and even sometimes jumps as high as the sky (in her words). Heaven forbid.

I guarantee we acknowledge we have neighbors. And, having children, we realize the importance of keeping the noise level to a minimum. I promise you - we are not trying to torment you; but, rather, living our lives (while trying to remember you are also living yours). Respect that, please and thanks. And, really, we are attempting to keep our lives muted as much as possible. Swear it on  my life.

Noteworthy: we are not blaring music, are usually in bed by 10:30pm, and do not smoke or party (ha! just saying that word while talking about our little family makes me chuckle) in our apartment.

Also, I'm sure you really enjoyed those Duplos that just crashed to the ground three times in a row as she attempted to carry the too-big-for-her-bucket. Just a friendly hello from our home to yours.


A Defensive Mother, with a Healthy Splash of Extra Hormone

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  1. Ha, I feel you! When we lived in Shelley the couple below us always banged on their ceiling (Friends style) when we were doing ANYTHING. Really, it did wonders for my 9-month pregnant self esteem when my walking across the living room was deemed too loud. I secretly wished that a family with rowdy children moved into our apartment after us so they could hear what actual noise sounded like :)