It's a Girl!

by - 10:25:00 AM

I don't think we realized how good we had it when I was pregnant with Abby. Because of my job in the OB office I was spoiled rotten, and ultrasounds were a very regular thing. "Let's just take a peek," they'd say. "Just for fun," they'd say. Because of this, I found out Girlfriend was in fact a girl baaaaarely over 15 weeks. 

So, waiting this time around was torture for me (and d?), and I'm not a patient person - people. So, while in Idaho we snuck into Grandma Patty's office and used the ultrasound machine. (i use the term "snuck" very loosely. really, she unlocked the door with her key, and we walked in like civilized people.) But, the babe was just not showing us what we wanted to see. And Grandma wasn't taking that for an answer. Two days later, she convinced (probably bribed) an ultrasound tech in the office to peek real quick like.  

It was a bummer D. wasn't there in person, but he agreed to go ahead with it (i think he was just as anxious as me!), and he listened patiently on speakerphone. Now, I've never been one to have an "intuition" as to what the sex of the baby is. During the first trimester with both, I have leaned toward a boy (that may be due to the fact the husband has been absolutely convinced its a boy both times). But, right around 14 weeks or so, I get a little bit of a gut instinct that maybe it's a girl. Never a factual knowledge, just a fleeting thought.  

And, it's a girl! (obviously, as i've talked about it multiple times before now. but, you know - for the sake of recording.) 

We are all excited. A little nervous about the amount of drama about to inhabit the Ackerman Home? Most Certainly. Does D. want a boy sometime in the future? Probably. Is he disappointed? Not in the least. Will this girl be clad in Under Armour and Puma just like the first? Obviously; look at their father. It's inevitable. He's just that dad (and i love it). 

Dustin loves his girls, really and truly. He's the most doting and devoted dad. And I can't wait for all the girl things to keep flowing and recycling. Though, Dustin commented that this baby would be much cheaper as we already had everything needed (you know, clothes, accessories, etc.). That is, until I started purchasing new things in twos - one for Abby and one for Baby Girl. Because, I'm just that mom, alright? 

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