Picture Overload: Summertime in Idaho [part one]

by - 8:10:00 AM

I'm just going to say: this post is purely for documentation purposes. We did take our "real" camera with us to Idaho - did we get it out even once? Noooope. Also, since I was still feeling exhausted, and nauseated (you know, pregnant) not nearly as many pictures were snapped as should have been. Though, there does seem to be an overload of Uncle "Kenny" while we prepared for his funeral departure. 

Without further ado: grainy, iPhone photos of our time in Idaho. 

^^playing settlers of catan with grandma and lexi^^

^^leaving church after the farewell (after all three meetings of course...ahem...)^^

^^farewell shenanigans^^

^^listening to his last song in the parking lot of the stake center - heading in to get set apart^^

^^post setting apart, d. attempted to break the world record for most golf balls held in one hand. the things this man does, I tell you.^^

^^family lightning round; ask anyone - i held my own. and, this was much to everyone's surprise. they doubt my many skills.^^

^^fresh raspberry shake date to big j's with brooke and sydney. because, it was that time of year in p-town and i'd rather die than not indulge.^^

^^prime rib date with two of our favorites. i'm gonna go out on a limb and say abby has them wrapped around her little finger. just guessing.^^

^^attempting to get abby to sleep in while staying in pocatello at the apartment. that time (east coast to west coast) caused some mighty early mornings with a certain two year old.^^

^^an elevator selfie sneaking into grandma patty's office. we may or may not have snuck into the ultrasound room to take a peek at the babe.^^

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