Picture Overload: Summertime in Idaho [part two]

by - 1:01:00 PM

^^the result of aunt haylee playing dress up with abby^^

^^d. left a week earlier than abby and i. we picked him up from work in salt lake, made a trip to the mall, and met friends for dinner before taking him to the airport. of course, i had to make a stop to the bathroom (a constant in my pregnant state); i came out to find these two children waiting ever-so patiently.^^

^^had to screenshot this conversation between the husband and i (abby and i were on the way from idaho to slc to pick him up from work). we found out the babe was a girl (more on that later) the day before.^^

^^backyard fire with her uncle "aweese (luis)." don't they look alike?^^

^^it's moments like these that make me really, really want to move back 'home.' (also, why do i never take pictures in grace?!)^^

^^we got to see josh "wace!" abby was definitely his biggest cheerleader screaming, "wace, dosh! go!" repeatedly.^^

^^these two. also, abby is obsessed with her "seester" shirt. i'm praying that obsession carries on once the title means something.^^

^^jumping on the trampoline with the g-bon.^^

^^a trip home just isn't complete until grandma bonnie gives you a cranial. abby found it quite humorous.^^

Obviously, we had a blast at home. One thing we've learned since moving our little family across the country, you sure come to appreciate those you love most a million times more. Going in the summer made it all the more sweet - since we are apartment, city living now. It eased my guilt a little about the lack of summer Girlfriend got while I'd been sick all summer. 

Idaho, we're coming for you (and those mountains! and cafe rio!) again so soon! 

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