Happy Thoughts

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Well, it's about that time. The time when I'm seven months pregnant, in school (go to school, get good grades, and finish when your mom tells you to, kids.), holidays around the corner, a two week trip to Idaho to plan, and my anxiety level is at an 18. Out of 10, people. And then I got the flu for a solid four days last week, leaving me completely useless - with 98 things on my to-do list. So, that was fun. 

Luckily my husband is a saint, my daughter is sassy, spirited, and still makes me laugh. Some other things making me happy (because i need the reminder right now): 

Target's free shipping right now. BooYah.  

Have you seen this clip of Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon? Also, is there anything better than when you can't stop laughing? I just love it. 

Tonight, while watching Sunday Night Football with Dustin (steelers vs. ravens, if anyone cares. it's a big game in our house. oh, the things i care about since being married to this guy.) Abby watched Carrie Underwood sing the intro and said, "Wook! Mommy!" I didn't even bribe her! It made me ecstatic and want to rush her to the optometrist tomorrow morning all at the same time. 

Dreaming of Thanksgiving food. Because, I'm pregnant (it doesn't make a difference, but it's a good cover. it's nice to have an excuse during the holidays.). Bring on the carbs. 

Reese's Pumpkins, bought half off day-after-Halloween. In my freezer. Right.Now. Boom! 

Anxiety levels will remain out of control, at least until I flunk out of this semester. But, I've got peanut butter and chocolate, a saint husband, and a daughter whose possibly blurry vision has me on cloud nine. 

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