Dustin's Birthday: 2014 Edition

by - 9:50:00 AM

D. spent the majority of his birthday eve night and morning at scout camp. Whoopie! Right? Nothing like celebrating another year older with a bunch of eleven year old boys sharing your tent. By the time he arrived home he was starving and being the awesome wife I am - I microwaved some Cup Noodles. I rock. Then, I insisted he assist me on my  Costco run. (this wasn't nearly as mean as it sounded since he requested a cake from costco.) 

We ended the day with a ginormous dinner of his favorite - steak, mushrooms, potatoes, and rolls. 

We sure are lucky girls, and take every chance we get to celebrate the man in our lives. No matter the meager celebration, I hope he knows just how loved he is. 

^^noooooo... girlfriend is not drinking mt. dew. promise.^^

^^it's no surprise her dad's favorite dinner is her favorite as well. she worships that man.^^

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