Halloween: 2014 Edition

by - 10:05:00 AM

We are not the biggest Halloween enthusiasts around our house. But, with a toddler, we try. We kicked off the festivities with a work party at RBS. As expected when we have somewhere to be, Girlfriend didn't nap. So, she was in rare form. (as pictured above, she stripped off her dress on the way to the car and attempted to get away with wearing only her cardigan, tights, and a crown. blurry, because i was trying to run from her while snapping the picture.) 

This tantrum was eased with candy, and a trip to McDonald's. Because, we reward our children's bad behavior. 

^^she was promptly put in her bed when we got home, and found like this, on our bed, later that night.^^

^^that forced smile gets better and better by the picture, doesn't it?^^

A few days later our ward threw the traditional trunk - or - treat. Abby was more interested in handing out the candy than receiving it. We embraced the apparent acts of unselfishness. 

^^sunday afternoon we finally got our act together and let her paint her pumpkin which had been sitting out for weeks. the only paint we had on hand was pink, she didn't seem  to mind.^^

The night of Halloween, we headed to a local grocery store for a quick hay ride, free ice cream, and then stopped for dinner at Shake Shack. Where, she was given more free custard. We go for well rounded and balanced meals for our child. 

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