Thanksgiving in Idaho: Part One

by - 11:36:00 AM

^^she's quickly becoming a master of the airport.^^

We made another trip to Idaho right before Thanksgiving. D. took two weeks off (yahoo!) and we made the trip with one thing on our agenda: family time. (okay, maybe two. cafe rio is a definite must.) And, we did just that. No matter how much time we spend with family while we are out there, it never seems enough. 

As always, I found myself lacking in pictures. But, I just start living the life and get distracted. I'm learning that's okay. We played so many games, ate all day everyday, chatted, laughed, and Abby was so, overly, spoiled.  

^^the time change kills us every time. those two hours matter, people. ^^

^^such a welcome sight (on our way to black friday shopping). wide open spaces means so much more now that we live on the east coast.^^

^^witnessing michigan lose to ohio state. it hurts, guys. it hurts real bad.^^

^^abby refers to her harrison aunts and uncles as her "friends." i'm positive she considers herself their peer. it's adorable, and terrifying at the same time. if she's a teen now, what do I do in 12 years?!^^

^^so many tea parties.^^

^^a game of scrabble on an extra large board. their heaven.^^

^^a thanksgiving meal she didn't touch.^^

^^she's confident she's a help and not a hindrance in games.^^

^^abby gets no attention. none at all.^^

^^family checkups with the help of her assistant: aunt haylee r.n..^^

^^how lucky is abby to have all of her great grandmas?^^

^^morning game playing. have you played this game? it's awesome for loud, large families (much like this one here.)^^

^^thanksgiving, round two. just in case we didn't get enough (there's never enough. right?)^^

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