Thanksgiving in Idaho: Part Two

by - 6:49:00 PM

^^ so many snuggles and extra loves with grandma ^^

Really, the amount of time we get with family is never enough these days. Abby is really starting to understand how little we see them these days and leaving is the absolute worst. Its never easy. But, visiting is that much sweeter, ya know? I guess distance really does make the heart grow fonder. (cliche much? my specialty.) I've accepted the fact that I'll bawl like a baby every time I leave. 

(not pictured: so many hours playing with cousins, abby finally visiting mabel's black cat (who she talked about for months), a weekend with the fulford family (always the best!), and christmas presents with grandma and grandpa harrison (so many nights in a row abby is still convinced she should get to open a present everyday). 

^^ there's just nothing better than a matinee and popcorn on a weekday to make you feel like you're really living life. ^^

^^ these two deserve gold stars for all they put up with from a certain two year old. as teenagers come, these two are exceptional.^^

^^ trying to get her to calm down enough to say goodbye is impossible. she wasn't so jovial when she realized we were leaving - crying as soon as we got her in the car. goodbyes are the pits.^^

^^ the always inevitable trip to the school playground. did i mention the weather was unusually warm (ish)? she was in heaven!) ^^

^^dodgeball, too. a tradition started in 2010 when d. met the harrisons for the first time. and i got a bloody nose (from my dad nailing me in the face). and dustin laughed. and that's when the family fell in love with him. we've been playing since. i decided to sit out this year, pleading the pregnancy card and fearing for my life. these games get brutal.^^

^^ watching josh play basketball. what a stud. ^^

^^ on our last night grandpa and abby both zonked on the floor while we played games. moments like these make it infinitely more difficult to leave. ^^

^^ news you never want to get when traveling (especially with a toddler) - your flight has been cancelled. luckily, we hopped on a different connection but still had a four hour layover in Chicago. someone was watching out for us when girlfriend passed out on the floor. ^^

^^ so many bags coming back, because our family spoils us rotten. bless southwest for their two bag per person rule. we used it up - right down to the ounce.^^

^^ we came back to a highly annoyed apartment building. all of my online purchases from black friday has arrived while we were gone. whoopsies. ^^

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