Abby the Ballerina

by - 5:41:00 PM

Girlfriend started her first ballet class last week. I mean, I was never a dancer (ooooobviously). But, this girl dances (and sings) non stop. And, really, show me a mom who doesn't swoon at the idea of her dance-loving-toddler putting on a leotard and prancing around? 

As expected she adored the class. And her teacher is incredible. Thank goodness for the word of advice and recommendations that travels through Mormon wards. Better yet - it's full of her little friends. 

Abby listens so well (shock!), waits her turn (more shock!), and hasn't hit anyone yet (i mean!!!). She despises leaving, and bawls every time. She's a passionate child. She has declared it her goal in life to be a ballerina. 

We are so excited for her to have something of her very own (especially at this time in our lives!) and something she loves so much. Her plie is getting better and better. Someday it may look like a graceful plie and not like the Hulk doing squats. I catch her leaping around the apartment singing, "chasse, chasse..." In other words: she already shows so much more potential than her mother. 

^^and one from instagram. because, I can't get enough and i really am that mom.^^

^^and on the note of her special time, she and i took a little date to mcdonalds for lunch following her first class to celebrate. and she refused to share the ice cream with me. always a tender moment with this one.^^

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