Bed Jumping Monkey

by - 8:24:00 AM

Abby has this thing lately: throwing blankets over her head. We don't get it, but hey, she's a mystery. We also live in a teeny, tiny apartment. So, she basically get's free reign of the whole space. I mean, hard to limit her to two square feet. 

Anyway, apparently she was jumping on our bed (with a blanket on her head). And fell off. This isn't the first time this has happened (side note: keep the bad mothering comments to a minimum), the girl is a wild two year old. Of course I rushed to her, scooped her up and tried to console her. A few seconds later the crying completley stopped, eyes rolled back, and what looked like a seizure was happening. Traumatized, I freaked, really freaked. Naturally. And rushed her to the hospital (she came to within a few seconds, and was back to normal behavior within a minute max, and returned to normal behavior - sans a little lethargy). After being checked out, she bounced back seemingly well, no vomitting, or abnormal behavior, ate a Popsicle, played with the complimentary teddy bear (complimentary: very, very expensive), and jabbered to all the doctors and nurses. 

The neurological exam checked out fine, with a slight concussion, that apparently can cause seizure like activity in kids. But, man. We were ruined. I insisted she sleep right next to me that night, while I checked her breathing every few minutes. Because, I overreact and I'm ultra emotional these days.

And since, she's been doing headstands, we attempt to limit the blanket-on-the-head activity, and everyday she asks to go back to the doctor for a check-up, a Popsicle, and to wear the Anna dress (the hopsital gown). 

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  1. Glad she is okay. I would have freaked, too. My boys are the same way... always have to have a blanket on their heads. They're constantly running into walls. Kids. ;)

  2. Scary! Brynleigh has fallen off our bed, too. And by fell, I mean dove for Sterling and totally missed, soaring headfirst into the floor. And that's happened more than once. Whoops.

  3. That is super scary. We have hard wood floors and Peyton has taken so many head bonks it's ridiculous. I am certain I would have done the same. Glad she's back to her cute self again!

  4. I nominated you for The Liebster Award!!