Christmas: 2014 Edition

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Christmas this year was magical. (hashtag: cliche) But really, our first as our little family and it rocked our socks off. Christmas Eve kicked off with a visit with the doctor to check on Baby Sister, one last visit to Santa, last minute grocery shopping, delivering gifts to friends, and a reenactment of the nativity (in which mary was dressed like elsa, and baby jesus had long flowing blonde locks). And then a great big ham dinner. Oh, and of course, opening a gift on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas morning was leisure and everything we wanted it to be. Abby was thrilled that Santa found her, ate his cookies, drank the milk, and the reindeer ate the carrots (apparently my husband has never heard of leaving carrots for the reindeer. what?!). 

The kitchen was definitely a highlight, which she refused to stop playing with for an hour. We orange rolls for breakfast, as we slowly opened our stockings, and gifts to and from one another. We finally got Girlfriend to open her last gift at 6:00pm. She wanted to stop, play, and adore every gift. And, with no schedule - that was just fine. The excitement over the little things was contagious, really. We snacked all day on leftovers and Santa food. Also, so much Lego playing went down. So, so much Lego playing. This dad gets even more wrapped around her little finger every time she begs to play Legos. And, to top it off, a face time call, during a Skype call, with our current favorite missionary! 

Really, we missed those we love most, but living cross country sure has made us love this time we have just the three (almost four!) of us. I may be extra emotional (ok, i'm super duper extra emotional) but Christmas 2014 will always, always be a special one. Simple, leisure, and extra full of sap. laughs, and plenty of loves. 

^^christmas eve dinner. that fake smile. yikes.^^

^^the anticipation of waiting for the present to be in working mode.^^

^^as per tradition, santa left a table full of food!^^

^^i ate a whole lot of noodle soup, pizza and cookies that day.^^

^^i mean, really she was so excited about everything. it was priceless. even the excitement for my new diaper bag. (ps, dustin rocks at gift giving. it was the one i'd been looking at! how he knew, i'll never know.^^

^^all the legos and the happiest kids on the planet!^^

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