Christmas Festivities

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^^required sugar cookies cut into shapes somewhat resembling stars, candy canes, and gingerbread men. abby attempted, and succeeded, in rolling the world's thinnest cookie.^^

Leading up to Christmas this year was a whirlwind of excitement (obviously), finals (for me, the eternal student), recovering from a fabulous trip to Idaho (it seems the more fabulous the worse the recovery), and a severe case of nesting (the way it was handled, you would've thought that baby was coming two weeks ago). 

But, we did manage to throw in a bunch of Christmas festivities. Many of which took us to NYC, which, in case you were wondering really is magical at Christmas time. Freezing, but magical. 

And, since everything else was prioritized over this blog - I'm combining a whole bunch (a whole, whole bunch) of pictures into one post, documenting a few of our Christmas festivities. 

^^grand central station after a train ride to the city to see the radio city christmas spectacular. abby adores the train, and spends the whole ride attempting to act like and resemble a business man on her commute home from work.^^

^^a quick pass by the rockefeller center tree on the way to the show. and then my phone died. and that combined with the freezing rain and lack of stroller ended the documentation of the night.^^

^^more cookie baking on a sunday evening. it was that or have our apartment torn to pieces by an incredibly bored toddler. also, they were a recipe from great-grandma isbell. all the better. ^^

^^a trip to the city with friends, led to a stroll through the markets set up in columbus circle. how we didn't eat, i'll never know. probably  too many choices. but i'll tell you - my pregnant self is kicking my own butt right now.^^ 

^^and then a quick subway ride to madison square garden to see the grinch. abby also adores the subway (it makes me cringe every time she touches anything), the busier the better.^^

^^post grinch, with a much more cold, exhausted toddler.^^

^^and then we realized how smart we were to bring this snuggie for her. and that's where our genius ended, as she attempted to fall asleep in this teeny, tiny umbrella stroller. which we had thought was the smartest idea.^^

^^post shake shack (a must!) stroll through times square with an even more freezing and exhausted toddler.^^

^^look what we found! prime spot, too. really awesome. the people behind me did question very loudly why we were photographing that particular display.^^

^^and another walk by the tree. because, we just had to. it was only a little busy (ha!) also, my coat no longer zips. needless to say, i was also a  wee bit chilly, too. ^^

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