That's A Wrap

by - 8:09:00 AM

When I think about 2014, I think: roller coaster. There were so, so many ups. And, there were so, so many downs. When we were up, we were really up - unstoppable, and nearly flying. When we were down, we were low. Low, low.

Yet, I find myself having a hard time saying goodbye to 2014. Looking back at the pictures of the year, I could hardly believe how much changed. How much Abby changed, how much our lives have changed.

For a good chunk of 2014 we lived in limbo, waiting on word if we were going to move our little family cross country. And, while that was one of the most frustrating times for a person with ultra high anxiety levels (me, if you needed clarification) we lived happily. We adored where we lived, adored our friends, and we were content. Our family was nearby and Abby and I were in a routine. D. liked his job, and we had plans for graduate school in the near (ish) future.

Word came that we would not move, and we were bummed. Bummed to miss out on an adventure, but happy that we would remain in our comfort and happy place. And then, 24 hours later, another offer, and a whole lot of tears (remember, the anxiety issue) later we were moving. Not staying, moving.

We packed, Abby turned two - two! (and grew like a beanstalk), there were graduations, and celebrations all to break up the chaos of stress.

And within three weeks, a weekend trip to find an apartment, and way, way more tears, we were on a flight (following the ever amazing in laws who were driving our car) to settle in our new teensy apartment.

And then, a week later we were witnessing a positive pregnancy test. Ecstatic, emotional, and overwhelmed, we were looking at a positive pregnancy test. The summer was filled with much vomiting, crying (more, more crying), and claims I'd never been that sick in my life. I was surely going to die.

We had visitors (yay for family willing to visit us! lifesavers.), made new friends, and took a couple trips home (it is so, so much fun to go home! truly a vacation.). We experienced so many things as our little family of three. We've gone to D.C. and Boston and everywhere in between. We fell in love with Fall in New England. We celebrated Christmas and rang in the New Year - just the three of  us. And, we've anticipated the arrival of the new little lady due to claim her place in our family early in 2015.

2014 gave me a whole new meaning to bitter/sweet. Ups and downs. Really, a roller coaster of a year. A year of changes. A year for the books.

If possible, I fell even more in love with my little family.

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