A Little About Abby: Two Years + Nine Months

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^^waiting for Grandpa Harrison to answer FaceTime call. this totally captures our little weirdo.^^

What to say about Abby. Girlfriend #1 has us on our toes all day, every.single.day. She is what the professionals call " a spirited child." She is stubborn, sassy, determined, and knows what's best for herself, and everyone else, all the time. This has proved to be equally difficult and discouraging as it is inspiring and makes us beam with pride. We've hit breaking point (a few times) but, after some research (and talking to friends) and a whole lot of prayer I'm hoping to adjust my way of parenting. Because, in reality, I don't want to stifle this spirit - I just need to learn how to mesh with it. She is smart, and is 2 going on 20. She is hilarious, and knows it. She is still extra tall, and consistently wears size 4T or larger.

Up until a few weeks ago, Abby has refused to be babysat, or left at nursery without D. or I (with the exception of her grandparents houses - or "Dosh, Lisa, and Illy" - who she adores, still, even though we left Roy nine months ago. But, about a month ago, a miracle happened, and she has been going to nursery great (alone!) has been to play dates (alone!) and even stayed the night with friends (the best friends, who she also adores!) while we were in the hospital for the delivery. 

Abby's favorite foods are: fries, nuggets, peanut butter and honey sandwiches (abby and joey have that in common. friends references anyone?), steak, cheese, yogurt, apples, milk, and ice cream (smoothies). She loves to help cook anything and everything. She is constantly feeding us her food, whipped up from and resembling thin air.

Abby loves to read books (trips to the library are a favorite), and watch "shows" (don't judge - we're still transitioning into a routine with the 'two kids' deal). She still adores Toy Story, Cars, and Frozen; she has added the Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc. to the mix. She plays doctor for hours, and looooves to ride horsey on Daddy's back.She loves to go to "the city," the children's museum near our house, and the aquarium (also near our house). 

Abby hates, hates, hates having her hair done (when it is done, she declares herself elsa, or rapunzel - and i promise her she is prettier than either), having plans changed before she's been prepared for said changes (for instance - we can't just put on shoes and head out the door. she has to be prepared for a while before that we are leaving.), and not being the center of attention. 

She adores her sister, and demands to "see her" all day long. She has recently mastered the "thumbs up" signal, but still cannot form her fingers to a "two". She is a teen in a toddler body, I tell you. She sighs exasperatedly every time I ask her to do anything. She refuses to potty train. And she still has her binky. Two milestones we know need to be crossed, but haven't had to ambition to tackle with the new babe. We've tried a few times, but Miss Stubborn is much stronger willed than we - and wins. When she refuses, she refuses. I see so much of myself in her, it terrifies me. 

Frequent phrases these days, "Oh gosh!" "I love it!" "Oh, it's so cute!" "It's cool (or beautiful, wonderful, awesome etc.)!" All day every day: "What's this?" "What's that sound?" and now has been shortened, to save her own breath, to: "What's all these?" while waving her hand to encompass an entire scene.

She really does keep us laughing day in and day out. We  cannot get enough of her, and my favorite parts of my daily routines involve conversations with this spunky two-year-old. She's got her dad wrapped around her finger, still, and we both come just short of worshiping Lady A. Really, she all but demands it from we commoners. 

^^diaper wedgie^^

^^a ballerina; she knows she's just the best that there ever was; her plie resembles a sumo wrestler - but she probably is the best there ever was^^

^^her world revolves around him just as much as his revolves around her. i'm so glad she has such a great superhero for her very own.^^

^^really, the best big sister. she is fiercely protective and has infinite love.^^

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  1. I die over her ballet pictures. Seriously.

    Also, Bryn loves things in pairs so whenever she sees two of something, she exclaims "There's TWO!!!" while holding up all five fingers. I laugh everytime. Those two fingers are just hard to master.

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