A Little About Evie

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(all pictures taken between five to seven days old)

^^spirited baby #2. i'll admit, i'm a cruel mom; snapping pictures of a crying child. but, the newborn cry gets me. and she's just not afraid to speak her mind. as grandma patty said, "she's not afraid to speak her mind like her big sister and her namesake!"^^

It's been fascinating to get to know another baby.  I commented just this morning that Evie looks identical to Abby, yet so different. With lighter hair, bigger feet (guys, this girl has theeee biggest feet!), but the same long fingers, big head, and sassy spirit as her big sister - Evie adds so much to our previous party of three. 

I mentioned before, Evie entered the world alert, and ready to eat. Every nurse commented how alert she was, and commented how wide her eyes were. Girlfriend was ready to party upon entering the world. Party and eat. The hospital stay was a little difficult in light of this. (this, and the fact the nursing staff refused to let me stand on my own for 24 hours. a little frustrating.) Evie wanted to eat - and eat - and eat. We stayed in the hospital until Thursday early evening (she was born early, early wednesday morning). She continued to refuse relaxation and was starving until Saturday. It was exhausting for me (for everyone, really). My mom was a lifesaver; she commented later that she was terrified Evie was going to keep that schedule and was worried about my sanity. Those first few days, I probably slept three hours total, in 10 minute increments. 

But, once Evie was getting enough milk - she has been an angel. And I mean, angel. She fusses only when necessary, and gets a little gassy at night - but she is perfect. At night she sleeps about three hours at a time. We are knocking on wood.  

She is still alert when awake. And, she does get woken up often (big sister likes to bend over, and demand that she, "WAKE UP!"). 

When she was being weighed and measured right after delivery the she had her legs pulled up to her chest. Instead of straightening her out, the nurse estimated her length at 19 inches. A frustrated D. came home and measured her himself, declaring her almost 21 inches. And, she does seem longer that Abby was. But, what do we know? 

Evie loves to sleep on our chests, eat, sleep, and hates, hates, hates a messy diaper. But, also despises diaper changes, baths, and getting dressed. She loves her swing, and hates sleeping alone, which I'm all too quick to appease, I'm sure. I never want to forget her little moans as she's falling asleep, newborn noises get me. Or when she's done nursing, how she sighs, and buries her face in the crook of my arm. Or her curled up on her daddy's chest, looking even smaller than ever. Or the way  her voice goes raspy when she cries really hard, when she's really mad (and really, her anger escalates quickly). She loves to be swaddled, and if one hand escapes - she's awake. She also seems to have a gassy time (maybe a "witching hour) right around midnight every night. 

Getting acquainted with this girl who we are just meeting, but seem to know so well, has been a treasure. We sure are trying to soak in every moment with Miss Evalyn. My mom calls her the Crack Baby - because you get addicted to her and just can't get enough. Her long fingers, big feet, bright eyes, lip smacking self sure do complete our (now) party of four. 

^^big mouth and long fingers. i seem to pass both of those traits down to the girls^^

^^second home bath, six days old^^

^^the biggest feet at the end of the scrawniest, chicken legs^^

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