And Then There Were Four

by - 10:07:00 AM

^^snapped on wednesday, february 18^^

We had family here for two weeks, straight. Spoiled rotten, we were. Evalyn was born early on Wednesday morning, and my parents got here later that morning. I couldn't have made the transition without them, and it was so comforting to know that while we were in the hospital (a little over 24 hours longer) Abby was in the very best hands. They left early on the following Tuesday, and Mom and Dad Ackerman got in on Wednesday evening. Like I said, it was a huge blessing. And, the best part? Dustin was home the whole time! That's some spoiled girls. Abby was eased into the change, since she still got endless amounts of attention. I was able to rest - really rest and the hormones could rage without me losing my mind totally - since there was a million extra hands to help. 

^^^^snapped on wednesday, february 18
when this one falls asleep on your chest, she does it face down. literally. hysterical and odd. that sums up our children.^^

And then, everyone left. They all left. Dustin had one more day off, luckily. So we eased back into normal life a little at a time. But, still. It was hard. The day after we were deserted (ha!), we spent the day trying to get ahead of household chores (a joke, with a newborn and toddler), and lounged. And it was awesome. Little did we know that reality was about to strike. 

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