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A million pictures, documenting our lives in a last couple of weeks. Mainly these pictures focus on the grandparents of our two incredibly lucky and spoiled daughters. We felt like we were on cloud nine with our parents around for two solid weeks. I've never been more distraught than when my parents left. Homesick doesn't begin to touch it. I was picked up when D's parents showed up 24 hours later, only to have them leave too. Come back to us! (or better yet, let's go to them!)

^^there was nothing better than coming home from the hospital, greeted by an enthusiastic toddler, my parents, a warm dinner, and mom's chocolate rolls. i mean...^^

^^we desperately tried with the binky for the first night. it was a rough 48 hours. opposite her sister, she's somewhat resisted the binky.^^

^^my parents were both lifesavers. they took the red eye, stopped by the hospital, then watched abby for a day and a half until i was released from the hospital. my dad spent so much time with abby, and brought endless presents and activities for her, he got a hotel room for the swimming pool (for entertainment for abby!), and trekked around on errands with Dustin, and accompanied Abby and Dustin to the city. mom saved us. she cooked, stocked us up on groceries, made freezer meals, cleaned, did laundry, held the baby (especially noteable: at four in the morning after evalyn had been screaming all night!), eased my worries and so much more. Being grateful doesn't touch it. and, they slept on the couch. and didn't complain.^^

^^remember how dad got a hotel room? it just so happened we had to evacuate our apartment that night (friday) due to a gas leak. at 9 pm. with a two day old baby, and a toddler. in freezing temperatures. for a minimum of three hours. guys, it was on the same night he had the hotel room! i'm not even joking!^^

^^so many treats with grandma around! hot fudge cake for the win.^^

^^late night games. (bohnanza for the win! have you played it? heard of it? our favorite! we love to trade some beans.)^^

^^one week iphone photo^^

^^the north wind visited on love day! playdoh and treats! well done, north wind. (we had a couple of visits from the wind this year - one while grandma and grandpa h. were here, too.)^^

^^a special game of candy land to keep girlfriend company and entertained. an attempt, anyway.^^

^^it really takes an extra special family to be willing to sleep on our living room floor.^^

^^these two parents spoiled us endlessly. treated us to dinners, took abby out on special excursions, held the babe, food shopped, and left us with many freezer meals. They brought gifts for abby and made us feel all around special.^^

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