Birth Day Eve

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This is overly wordy (can you believe it? me?! noooo...). But, I'm going to say it, just to say it - it's for the sake of recording (obviously). And I really just want to remember everything. 

^^i couldn't help but snap a picture of my napping baby, the day before she grew by a thousand times (compared to her baby sister). i was all sorts of nostalgic and emotional.^^

The day before we became a family of four was one filled with anxiety for me. Not unusual in general, but especially a common emotion during pregnancy. It was merely heightened. I was a day over due, my parents were arriving the next morning, and a snowstorm had postponed the routine appointment meant for my due date (the straw that broke the camel's back. the pregnant, anxious, hysterical camel). So, when I walked into the office for my appointment that Tuesday (February 3rd) - I was losing it. **Let's just take a moment and let me acknowledge (for the millionth time, and certainly not the last): poor Dustin!**

My favorite doctor (of the four doctors) waltzed in the room (probably my favorite because he knew how to humor my crazy, yet control the crazy all at the same time. its a skill, people!), checked me, asked when my parents would be arriving, and casually said, "Here's what I'm thinking. Head to the hospital tonight, have a baby by morning." (meaning induction. my first induction went so smoothly i was very much open to the idea of another)

I could've kissed his face. For real. Instead, when crazy started to come out, I reigned her back in, and simply thanked him a million times over. 

We dropped D. off at work, and made our way home. Where Abby and I ate lunch, played together (because all of a sudden I wanted to soak up every single second with just my only child, the last day she'd be an only child), napped, and threw a few essentials in a bag for the hospital. 

^^a trip for 'fries and nuggets' - to treat our girl^^

After picking D. up from the train, we treated ourselves (abby) to Wendy's. On the way home, I called to check in at the hospital. They told us to arrive at 7:15 pm. An hour. We rushed home, gave Abby a quick shower and prepped her for her first sleepover (other than grandparents). This was so, so nerve wracking for me, since up to that point she wouldn't even go to nursery unaccompanied. (turns out she was great, as are our friends who watched her!)
^^getting ready to put the car seat in the car, ready for her sleepover, armed with jammies and the binky (she's still my baby, guys. don't judge.).^^

Arriving at the hospital, we were ushered to a room, confronted 3,249 times about  the reasoning for the induction. Asked 9,078 questions from medical students and residents, then final started on pitocin. Not long after I got an epidural (bless the epidural), a much, much better experience than with my first, and Dustin took a nap for a couple of hours. Because, guys, if delivery was every categorized as easy (maybe smooth is a better word), this was it. 

I watched Parenthood reruns on Netflix and waited patiently (ha! anxiously). 

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