Evalyn's Birthday

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I am recording this not because something traumatic, dramatic, or attention drawing happened. It was actually such a smooth delivery and recovery, I was shocked and relieved - and, oh, so grateful! I am recording all these details because I want to remember the little things about when my life was changed (again) for the better - and forever.

After an awesome epidural, a smooth night, my water was broken (though no water was actually seen. i'd had low fluid for the last six weeks or so.) a little before four o'clock am. I was four cm. Right around (a little after? let's just say time wasn't the first thing on my mind.) four o'clock, I knew huge change had been made. I was hesitant to call to be checked again, since it had only been a few minutes. But, I did, and was an eight. Before the resident left the room again, I was attempting not to push. Again, I didn't want to cry wolf and waited through a few contractions. By the time I gave in, I had to have Dustin push the call button.

I was checked again, and was complete and ready to meet our little lady.

I pushed five times (again, who's counting? i think dustin was. also, i only note this because it was significantly less than with the first girlfriend. like waaaay less.), they called the doctor, and I pushed two more times - and they put brand new, baby number two (7 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long), straight onto my chest at 4:42 am on February 4, 2015.

I declared, "She's real!" There was something about this time around, maybe because every little thing was not new to me, that seemed routine (yet still special). But, meeting this girl for the first time really made her real. And mine. And that love I felt for her from the time of the positive pregnancy test, grew even more. 

^^extra long fingers, just like her sister^^

Soon after, I solidified a name we had been thinking on for a while: Evalyn (after dustin's grandma smith - our very favorite person!) and we continued to discuss her middle name, but came back to Rose, also a name we'd been toying with. (insight: while pregnant with abby, we saw the movie "we bought a zoo." i'm a sucker for totally corny, family, feel-good movies. and this was it. the little girl's name was rosie. i've loved it since, and so has dustin.)

Evalyn came out ready to eat, and incredibly alert. She was bright eyed for a substantial amount of time, and we soaked it all in. 

Everything went so smoothly, until I attempted to transition to the Maternity wing, when my blood pressure plummeted and apparently I did too, revealing a little touch of anemia. So, I hung out in Labor and Delivery a little bit longer, attempted to eat some hospital food (mmhm...) and felt much better. 

While I recovered, Dustin dashed to pick up the now big sister, and Grandma and Grandpa Harrison (who had traveled all night) from the airport. When they arrived in the hospital room, I burst into tears, seeing my not-so-baby baby walk into the room practically a teenager. 

She was immediately taken by Evalyn. requesting to hold her right away - she called her cute, beautiful, and wonderful all in the same sentence. When she wasn't holding her, she requested to "see her." Something she's still doing nearly two weeks later. Very up close and personal viewings of Baby Evalyn are done multiple times a day. 

Dustin returned the extra tired Grandparents, along with a super tired Abby (apparently she'd stayed up until well past one in the morning) to nap and crash at the apartment. Then he graciously stayed with my in the hospital, despite my demands he sleep in our bed at home. He insisted the hospital recliner was great! (until he tipped it backward - still seated in it - trying to get it to recline. don't worry, they brought him a cot at that point.) 

We both soaked in a baby Evalyn. Getting acquainted and snuggling. It's so interesting, that you can know a human so thoroughly, yet still find yourself trying to get to know them all in the same breath. She's intoxicating, despite being sleep deprived. And we couldn't get enough. Still can't, really. 

We couldn't be happier with our little party of four. Life just feels so right with Miss Evie around. 

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