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^^notice: one takes a binky, one does not.^^

Dustin returned to work on Thursday (the 19th). Friday, he had an overnight scout camp. To say I was less than thrilled is the understatement of the century. I was full of dread, and anger toward the scouting program. Don't they know I can't handle this alone? The hormones are raging around here, folks. I went from hate and anger to a panic attack that my husband was going to die (dramatic?) in the freezing temperature. Don't they know I can't do this alone for a weekend, let alone forever?! But, he had to go. And we each had the most miserable 36 hours (again, a little dramatic. that is a lie. but, it would've been better if he was home - that's for shizzle.). 

But, it was long (does it make me a bad mom to admit that?). Abby was going stir crazy, Evalyn would only sleep on my chest, and every thing we owned ended up dirty and on the living room floor. Dustin was sleeping in a cabin with snoring men and stinky teens after a super long (and incredibly frustrating) day at work - can't say he had it much better. 

The moral of the story (for my future self): you survived. Everyone is alive (success, according to mom). And you appreciate your husband even more. To the single moms: my hat's off to you. 

^^I'll remember this forever. The moment I was about to break, I realized Abby had fallen asleep and Evalyn allowed me to lay her down. It was the half hour I needed for my sanity, and really, changed the way I looked at the weekend. The perfect refresher. Bless you, tiny miracles.^^

On Saturday, we chilled. Like laid in the bed, all four of us (three laid, one jumped all over, kicked, and rolled around), watched the Lego Movie and slept. Also, we spent a good chunk of the night watching Stuart Edge videos after the girls were asleep.

On Sunday, we kept Abby home, as she's been on the verge of a cold all week - and nursery is just the place to spur that on. It's like a germ fest in there, am I right? While D. went to Sunday School (to teach primary), we cleaned up two blow outs - courtesy of Evie. While I was starting yet another load of laundry I glanced back, ready to tell Abby to stay away from the baby (who was screaming) only to see her trying to comfort her sister by calmly reading a book to her. I mean...come on. I melted. This little act grounded me and reminded me that I really am so, so lucky to have these two (and their daddy). 

And the Oscar's were recording. The cherry on top! Life is good! (how about that performance from lady gaga and the surprise entrance from julie andrews. i may have shed a tear or two. again, the hormones are raging, folks.) 

Annnnd...Dustin made caramel and apples that night. Who needs to lose baby weight anyway? Maybe I'll wait until Evie is 18 months old, like I did with the first. 

 So, an overwhelming weekend turned great. Though, it did make me dread a full work week and Monday Morning all that much more. 

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