Evie at One Month

by - 7:14:00 PM

These pictures were snapped about two week ago. Girlfriend hit her one month mark in the blink of an eye. She is a happy baby, except when hungry or gassy (and the two seem to go hand in hand). She seems to be extra long these days, and has already wearing most 3 mo. - 3-6 mo. clothes. Stay little, baby girl! She started smiling occasionally right around her one month mark, and had us all weak in the knees. Evie is also the queen of giving the stink eye, along with sporting a look of sheer terror (i'll say it again: if abby was my big sister trying to love me constantly, i'd be a little terrified too!). She is eating like a champ, losing hair like an old man, and sleeping like, well, just sleeping like an awesome baby (as good as it gets, ya know?). She sleeps about four-ish hour stretches during the nighttime hours, and wakes only to eat, usually zonking again halfway through. Evalyn still has the largest feet I've ever seen on a newborn and those legs are constantly kicking. 

She's about to embark on her first cross country journey (i don't talk about it, for fear of having a full on nervous breakdown. can you say, "whooping cough"? bring on the panic attacks.), so she'll be getting immunized a couple weeks early. 

This girl is all huge, curious eyes, sweet personality, and long limbs. It's a good thing she still has that little raspberry between her eyes, that keeps her looking like a fresh little baby - or I am really lose it. 

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