April Little Things

by - 8:34:00 AM

^^how we felt coming back from vacation

^^so many pictures of this stroller. because, we triple heart love it! 

^^spring finally came to connecticut. though, apparently it was a quick pit stop on it's way other places. come back, spring! kick up your feet! stay awhile! 

^^because I just can't help it

^^watching the masters and binge  eating easter candy. like a boss. on a lazy sunday. 

^^we lost the binky. legit lost it. we ran with it and she went a solid couple days and was doing great. then one morning i woke up to her screaming, "mom! i find it! i find it!" and then it all went to pot. 

^^when dustin gets her dressed 

^^my confession picture to dustin. i wasn't supposed to eat these for a month. what can i say? apparently i've become fond of the 30 extra pounds hanging around. 

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  1. How can anyone not eat those delicious Cadbury Eggs? I ate a bag in a day and didn't realize it until it was gone. :/ But yes... the van. I despise vans, but is it crazy to hear me say, "I love it?" It's crazy. I thought those words would never fly out of my mouth, but it is awesome with little kids. :) That's so funny that Dustin is like my husband. Usually it's the women that want the van and men, the SUV. I thought my husband was the only crazy one.... ;)