Evalyn Rose: Blessing Day

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Miss Evalyn was given her name and a blessing in Idaho at the end of March. It was stressful and my level of anxeity (taken out on my husband) was at an all time high. But, it was also a no brainer as both families were in Idaho. And, there were so many people I wanted Evie to meet. So, I tried to call on my inner, peaceful, brave self (it didn't work, but we survived) and we trekked to Idaho with two kids (more on that later). 

The blessing day was beautiful. Despite Dustin and Abby being sick - we all managed to have a great day thanks to buying the food for the luncheon already made (it was a breeze, I tell you. one thing i've learned in my adult life: it really is worth it to pay someone else to do the work once in awhile.) Evalyn was hungry and tired before the blessing, so not many pictures were snapped. During the ones that were taken, she took the opportunity to tell us how she was really feeling. I totally spaced grabbing pictures afterward, too, since she was being passed around and loved by so many of our favorite people. 

Dustin gave Evalyn a perfect blessing full of promises and blessings that made this momma beam with pride. And cry like a baby, cause that's what I do. This girl's a special one, and we sure are luck she is ours. 

^^the besst our family pictures got for the day. aren't we the perfect, photogenic family, with fantastically cooperative kids?

^^my mother (and both of our parents!) the lifesaver. days like this, when she takes control because she knows i'll break, make me want to pack up and move into her house. because, my life is a million times better and easier with this lady around.

Evalyn with her namesake, (her) Great-Grandma Evalyn, 

a little snippet on this duo:

Grandma Smith is one of our very favorite people on the planet. She is strong, determined, thoughtful, compassionate, stubborn, good humored, welcoming, and resilient. And we couldn't think of another person we would want our daughter to emulate. When Dustin and I were dating, he told me that his grandma had to approve of me (of us, i guess). Luckily she did, and it only took me a few minutes to realize why he loves and admires her so much. She soon took up a very special place in my heart, as she embraced me into her family.

 To our Evalyn, you have an incredible family. But, really, with a Grandma like this one, it's no doubt. Look up to her, learn from her, and we have no doubt, you'll be unstoppable. 

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