Idaho in the Spring (part one)

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We were super excited to trek to Idaho to introduce Evalyn to family. But, the stress was a little overwhelming to an already stressed person like myself. We did it though. The airports, the traveling, the time change. And we had a blast. Leaving is always the pits (the pits, it tell you!). We were all spoiled, and I don't think Abby went two minutes without a play partner or Evie got put down once. The fact that D. was with us the entire two weeks was really the perfect cherry on top. 

^^both girls did great on the airplane, but this one was fantastic! she slept most of the way and didn't make a peep. Though she did threaten to blow out her diaper at one point. She likes to scare us. 

^^meeting brooke for the first time!

^^anytime Evalyn is doing tummy time, abby lays next to her to keep her company and chit chat.

^^the spring weather had us in shock and outside soaking it up almost immediately 

^^mabel came to meet Evalyn 

^^both dustin and abby came down with something nasty for a good chunk of our visit. the first few days we were there they were both knocked out cold, trying to kick it. huge bummer, but abby put on a brave face for the majority of the time and tried to play with everyone.

^^i like to call this: "look, ma! no hands! or feet! 

^^Uncle Luis 

^^poor Abby, so sick, but she refused to miss out on anything

^^a long distance shot of mom and brooke playing tetherball. it was quite the sight, i tell ya.

^^family walk 

^^Sunday evening sidewalk chalk 

^^grandpa and grandma were insistent on celebrating abby's birthday while we were there. she was overly thrilled about it (especially the prospect of chocolate cake - her only request for her birthday) and was in her element hamming it up with never ending attention. She was especially thrilled for her Cinderella doll. 
^^said chocolate cake 

^^matchy matchy pink 

^^it really is amazing how much bed two little people can take up 

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