Idaho in the Spring (part two)

by - 8:16:00 AM

^^coloring with her aunts during conference - or, rather, they colored and she distributed crayons

The second portion of our trip was consumed with more family time. It's so much fun that our vacation time is family time. Living so far away has really changed our perspective on family time and made us realize what's really important. And, like I mentioned, it's just the leaving that has me in tears every time. 

^^mid conference

^^sorting through her egg hunt loot (the first of the egg hunts with Grandma Patty. She's taken the Easter holiday to a whole new level, folks. 

^^hide and seek with Abby 

^^twinners. this one is totally his. 

^^Easter Morning

^^Halfway through the first session on Sunday morning, we had to take our little family to an upstairs room - as Abby was quite the distraction. This is how we listened to the rest of the session - and my heart was pretty much a puddle all over the floor. 

^^Girlfriend gets double duty everything with both grandparents so close! 

^^rolling eggs, it's tradition

^^morgan rocks 

^^we take pride in letting our kids embark on the most unsafe activities their aunts and uncles and imagine

^^because we wanted to watch one session in peace 

^^the last day of our vacation, I looked back and saw this big girl. not a baby, a big girl. and I was proud and near sobbing all at once. 

^^about 10 seconds before Hailey got puke all.over. 

^^the eyes

^^one asleep in his lap and one starving baby in arms. This right here is Super Dad - and the reason I refuse to fly alone with two. 

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