Abby Turns Three!

by - 5:12:00 AM

Our super spirited, diva turned three on May 15th. How? I'll never know. Leading up to her birthday she only requested princess-chocolate-cake. Then, shortly before her birthday she added Legos to the list. So, that's just what we did (with a couple of extra activities added in... because, we are suckers). 

D. and I were up late the night before, preparing for her day and wrapping up things so we could simply take the day off. So, 6:30 am rolled around and we were still snoozing, I woke to hear ripping and clattering. I sat straight up, and realized that Girlfriend had made her way to the kitchen and opened nearly every present - and was happily playing with them. So, we kind of missed that. But, she was satisfied. 

We made a stop at a local diner for breakfast, and then headed to the Lego store. And she found herself in her own personal heaven (and made out with an extra prize - her dad is even more of a sucker than i am). 

She was totally content sitting at home the remainder of the day, playing with Legos. But, realized quickly that she had recieved a sand bucket as part of her birthday loot and requested a trip to the beach. A tad on the chilly side, and a quick scare by her dad with a crab, but she enjoyed it. 

Then the chocolate princess birthday cake to top it off (while face timing with both sets of grandparents). 

It is so cliche, I know, but I really don't know how these three years have gone this fast. I really wish they would slow down. In the meantime, I'm attempting to enjoy every second (doing the best i can, some days). 


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