Abby's First Dance Recital

by - 7:11:00 PM

Girlfriend wrapped up her very first ballet class May 16th. I was confident the recital would have one of two outcomes; a) she would stand on stage, crying and screaming with terror or b) scream with hysterics and gallop around the stage, circling the other girls. Both these events happened weekly leading up to the recital. Sometimes simultaneously.

During the rehearsal, she was somewhat tentative. But, quickly realize there were people there to watch her, and did the dance perfectly.  She remembered my strict instructions to stay on her 'x' and very carefully made sure her feet her planted the whole time. Mark my words, that is the first time this child has followed any of my instructions. 

Really, she rocked it. Until we made her get off the stage. Then the hysterics ensued. You know, we just can't ever leave anywhere without an overly dramatic exit. But, all in all, she had me on the verge of tears the whole night. Between her third birthday the day before, and her premier as a (stiff) ballerina, I wanted to cry happy and sad and nostalgic tears. 

We wrapped up the night with dinner and ice cream with friends. Any excuse to celebrate! 

Abby loved ballet class every week, and we sure are on board for doing it again in a heartbeat. But, girlfriend needs something a little more active as well. She's a crazy one, I tell you. 


(and the picutures are so bad because I was left in charge of the camera. and i'm the worst at pictures. obviously.) 

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