Boston: April 2015

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Boston casts a spell on me, I swear it. Every time we are there, we fall more and more in love with that city. It is rich with history, and the modern city is intermingled exceptionally well. Really, incredible. 

Growing up, my dad always talked about Boston - and his dream of visiting one day. Lucky for us, we are living two hours away when he trekked out for his first ever trip to Boston! Uncle Shane ran the Boston Marathon this year (insane or admirable? maybe an equal combination.), and Dad and Brandon came out to show some brotherly love and support. Naturally, we invited ourselves along. Any trip to that city, and we are all over it, I tell you. 

This time, we opted for the trolley passes to tour the city and the Tea Party Museum. That's the way to go. Getting around the city was a breeze with the trolleys and we were able to learn so much more than we ever did on our own. The Tea Party Museum was perfect for Abby, as they acted out throwing over the tea on the ships. Abby was given the role of Obadiah Curtis, the oldest participant in the Boston Tea Party. And, Dad's speaking role was a force to be reckoned with (as many can imagine, he took that single sentence very seriously). 

^^We thought we were soooo hilarious eating at Cheers and drinking water out of Coors Light cups. 

^^such a trooper

Touring Harvard was fascinating. Dad's dream school, and Dustin's too. It reminds me so much of Hogwarts, making it my dream school too. Abby mostly ran around like a wild banshee, embarrassing us all. 

^^this time we were able to board the USS Constitution. it was awesome, dustin ate it all up. abby loved climbing to the lower deck and back up. over and over and over and over. 

We decided to go home Saturday night, leaving Dad with his brothers and giving us a couple of nights at home. On Monday morning, we headed back up to cheer Shane on in the marathon... in the pouring rain. I mostly hunkered down with the girls in the car, while the boys camped out at heartbreak hill to cheer on Shane. And my admiration grew 100 times over. 

^^and a quick trip to Mike's Pastry. the only time we've seen a reasonable line, right after the marathon. so we braved it (in a rather disheveled state), and i tell you - next time we are there we will be waiting in the three hour line. so, so, so good! 

On the way home, we went a little out of the way to visit Springfield, MA - birthplace of Dr. Seuss, and check off another item on Dad's bucket list. I grew up with Dr. Seuss everywhere and everything Seuss. Visit to Mulberry Street: check. 

Really, though trips like this make living cross country so hard. Yet so special. We remember how much fun it is to have family around, but all in the same breath we get such special time with them like this. 

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