May Wrap Up

by - 4:36:00 AM

^^this girl though. the second you glance her direction you get a smile. She literally turns the crappiest days to some of the best.

^^so, so much park time when the weather finally warmed up.

^^end of the day exhaustion

^^humans of new york on instagram has me fascinated. i screenshot some i particularly enjoy.

^^the last few days in our apartment, the complex finally finished the pool. of course abby took full advantage - and was even proud to be floating on her own! definitely not my child in that way.

^^found this picture of dustin, confirming evalyn his look-a-like. when i showed it to abby she declared, "oh! evie is a prince!"

^^memorial day parade

^^legos all day every day. in fact, they were the last thing to be packed for our sanity and hers.

^^because we scrounged in the recycling bins for boxes. 

^^oh the air mattress joys

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