Mets vs. Cardinals

by - 6:26:00 AM

Dustin, being a Cardinals fan (and sports fan in general) was watching tickets for the Mets v. Cardinals game like a hawk. Always determined to get a good deal, that one (we work well together that way). We scored some awesome tickets, hit a few bumps along the way of the master plan (a given, every time you head to the city; i just feel like it'll never go as smoothly as you plan), spent far too much on food, and had a thoroughly good time! Abby made friends with the drunk bunch behind us, crying when she had to leave them, and adopting their chants mocking the Redbirds (insert an angry dad face here). Evalyn snoozed a good majority of the time (she's really working to secure her place as the best baby ever). And really, the Mets' stadium was by far the best sporting experience we've had. When East Coasters take time to make friendly chat, are nice to your children, and offer up a free pretzel for the three-year-old, it's definitely noteworthy. 

Though I'm not a baseball fan, I think you'd have to be crazy to not enjoy a baseball game. It just feels like summer, doesn't it?

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