The First Part of May

by - 10:14:00 AM

^^the silliest, happiest girl that ever was. if someone even glances her way, she grins. 

^^midst all the moving and apartment hunt chaos we tried to take advantage of our NY zoo pass one more time. we sure loved that thing! 

^^park time with the sass

^^#secondchild poor kid, i'm tempted to guess that she will always nap on the go?

^^mother's day was extra sweet with two girls, a doting husband, scrumptious food, and some serious lounging. just, minus the blowout evalyn had on my lap during sacrament meeting.

^^skyping our favorite missionary! 

^^visit to the park turned splash pad time in her clothes. some you win some you lose. 

^^obviously abby is that child. 

^^hugs for miss monique! we loved miss monique! so patient with our ever trying abby. 

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