Yet Another Move

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Moving is no easy feat anywhere, throw two kids in the mix, and it gets even more difficult. Moving on the East coast is exponetially more trying. We started realizing that it was somewhat of a blessing, moving out here totally oblivious and forced to make a decision in two days last year. Ignorance is bliss, ya know. 

Anyway, when it came time for our contract to end, we started out confident, and then very quickly  had the rug ripped out from under us. After a couple of failed attempts to get a couple different places, and looking at so, so many we both were questioning our sanity. A frequent conversation via text between D. and I looked something like: "If only it wasn't so expensive!" "Can you imagine what kind of house we could have in Idaho for this price?" "But it's in a sketchy neighborhood." "But, it has oil heating." "Is it worth the extra money for that location?" And on and on and onandonandon.

At one point I sent him the screenshot above, showing that we live in one of the most expensive places in the country right now. It definitely  has its benefits, but with that come some major cons. 

Anyway, after a couple of months of constant searching, we found an apartment in our current town. The town we adore (it's serene, really). It's right downtown, and bigger. Though old, with seriously sloping floors (i only somewhat joke that i need to get a running start to make it up the hallway to our bedroom), we have a separate room from the girls (a serious luxury), and the location is incredible.

So, that's the end. For right now. We are never moving again (until next year, says dustin). 

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  1. Moving seriously blows and Dustin sounds just like Marc. We JUST moved into our place in November and Marc was telling me that we are possibly moving to DC in 6 months to a year. I'm thinking this move, Marc does all the pack and unpacking with the kids while I take a week vacation, just so he can feel that pain. Haha! But, I seriously feel ya on the moving.