Evie Rose at Five + Six Months

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Dude. This kid is out of control. No matter what I tell her, she will not quit growing. So, here we are at the six month (and a week) mark. At her six month mark, Evie continues to be the light of our family. You think I'm being corny, I'm totally not. She is happy and smiley around every turn. Sister wakes up smiling! 

Just over her 5.5 month mark Evalyn started pulling herself into standing position and crawling. And she's been a wild woman every since. Her knees must get sore on our hardwood floors, so she half mountain climbs, half crawls. It's hilarious. I think she is still long (when do you start using the word tall to describe a baby?) but don't go in for her check up until next month. Though long, she is our string bean, with her only excess weight carried on her thighs. Doesn't stop me from smothering her cheeks with kisses all day! She definitely burns ample calories making it her personal mission to destroy her sister's Lego projects everyday. 

Evie's hair is coming in super blonde, like white blonde. Love it! She loves mangoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, and banana. She does not like apples. Yet (we are an apple loving family!). Just recently Evie has started to cry when I walk past her, the only time she really cries, begging me to give her some attention (not that she's lacking in love and attention). Her favorite pastimes include, blowing raspberries, watching herself in the mirror, and suckering people into attention with her irresistible grin and still huge blue eyes.

Evie remains the easiest baby around, despite her irregular sleep schedule (as in, some days she doesn't). It's so hard to enforce with her crazy tornado of a sister roaming around. This too will pass, or get figured out...or I just need to put my foot down. (but first, I potty train!)

This week Evie started babbling, "da-da." I'm in denial, though everyday it gets more and more clear. She thinks it's hilarious, he eats it up, and I want to cry. Can't one child be mine? (secretly, I melt.) 

Anyway, a whole bunch of babbling to say - we super, duper, triple heart love our Evie Rose. She keeps us laughing and guessing. Watch out world, she's coming for you full force. 

^^because, Abby can't not be included. heaven forbid. 

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