Fourth of July: 2015 Edition

by - 7:35:00 PM

July 3rd, we hit up the beach in the neighboring city (where we used to live) to see the fireworks. We camped out for five hours, ensuring our terrific spot, picnicked and played in the sand (watching a grown man dig a massive whole and call it a castle, proved quite entertaining). The first firework we heard, Abby melted down and we left - watching two or three fireworks from the car on our way out of the parking lot. Regardless, we felt pretty lucky to be able to wait on a beach. Seriously, living in beach down has us constantly pinching ourselves questioning reality. 

The morning of the 4th we found ourselves right outside our front door watching the kids' parade, until Abby decided to hop in herself and finish the last leg (with dad doing the work, how else?). We met up with friends at the local park, around the corner from our apartment, and then made Navajo Tacos for dinner with neighbors - because I missed Richfield. 

^^Sunday before church, because why not tack it on the end here?

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