Harrisons and Company take Connecticut! (with way too many pictures)

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A few month ago, in the midst of deciding how we were going to see the family (since we just can't go as long as we'd originally planned), Dad threw out the idea of a cross country road trip. And, to our surprise (and his too!) everyone hopped on board. Grandma and Miranda jumped on board and the car load set out for our tiny two bedroom apartment. 

What was supposed to be a three day trip quickly turned into an overnight trip. Yes, that's right, they made it from one end of the country to another only stopping for bathroom breaks. We were shocked and ecstatic. They were exhausted. 

Saturday night everyone hunkered down, and after Abby calmed down, Evalyn got adjusted to so many people we all zonked (to be woken up bright and early by the overly excited three year old). We made it to church, a long walk on Sunday evening, and just chilled in general. 

Monday (Brooke's birthday!) we headed to the beach where Abby had her first every swim lesson (we only made it to a few, due to the broken finger and overly spirited person Abby is). We followed it up with cake for the birthday girl. 

^^so much fun to have some one on one time with Grandma-Great; my heart melts thinking of these special memories my girls got to make with this awesome lady.

Tuesday was much the same, only with Abby throwing a torrential fit and refusing swim lessons. This quickly became the norm. 

Wednesday D. played tour guide in The City (his favorite thing!) to most of the family. Dragging them around to multiple sites (noteworthy: the 'Friends' apartment, and letting Brooke Lynn stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge - both on their bucket lists). Mom and I hung out with the little girls, shopping tidying, and thoroughly enjoying special time with my mom. Something I never should have taken for granted, and something I soak up every chance I get. 

And, Thursday the whole clan took to The City as the tourists we are! (I just want to point out right here that total the family walked about 15 miles between the two days... and Grandma walked it all. That woman! She running on chocolate and dry cold cereal by the handful and can kick my butt with her energy level.)

^^Evie's first real visit to the city we love so much

^^rowing in Central Park 

^^mid excersion planning; so hilariously accurate (bless you, Morg and your awesome camera timing! ps: all of the good quality pictures are from Morgan!).

^^we walked part of the high line for the first time and stumbled across Abby's (and Dustin's) heaven! Legos! So many Legos! Outside! Dragging her away was torture for everyone.

^^Abby declared Miranda her "favorite peoples" and by default Miranda became her pack horse

^^we made our way to insane Times Square to find food and people watch (culture shock for the little Idahoans! we found a table right near the painted naked ladies, to ensure they got thrown right into the whole experience).

^^to all those who doubted our Bob purchase - you've never been more wrong. we adore this ginormous thing! 

^^and one last, hectic stop at Grand Central, just to say we did

After a couple of long days, and in preparation for a long weekend, we declared Friday a "chill day." We made good use of friends' pool and the super warm weather. 

Early Saturday morning we trekked to Palmyra. We stopped by the temple, the Smith homes, the Sacred Grove, and ended up at the Hill Cumorah Pageant on the last night of the performance. 

^^Morg! You rock!

^^Evalyn, of course, had everyone wrapped around and entwined in, her little fingers.

Saying goodbye to family when they leave here is particularly hard. Goodbyes are awful, and saying goodbye when my two worlds collide (providing the best of both worlds from me) is torture. All the tears, all the tears. 

Lucky for us, Aunt Haylee stayed a couple of extra days. She followed us to the beach (twice!) helped so much with the girls, and made us even more sad the week was coming to an end when she left! Come back! 

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