July Randoms

by - 5:04:00 PM

July was eventful, to say the least. We found ourselves swimming in to-do lists, busy with friends (and family! but, more on that later.), swimming, playing, and the not so fun things too. Between it all, we didn't even have spare minutes to breathe. But, that's the beauty of summer, isn't it? Yet, somehow I got caught up in the busy and didn't document nearly enough. 

^^$0.57 pancakes at IHOP, because the thought of cheap pancakes combined with not having to cook dinner made all my decisions that day

^^Abby has a game on my phone that she creates this girl, then can take pictures of her around the room. I found this on my phone later that day - apparently I'm in the running for world's best mother and didn't even know I  dosed off. So, there's that. 

These next few pictures outline the longest 24 hours possible. I seriously questioned my sanity, and was sure I was going to lose it. I did melt down a few times. Poor Dustin (if only he had a nickel for every time someone said that...).

^^while at swim lessons (one of the four times she went), I got a call from our landlord asking if we had left water running because the salon downstairs was getting water leaking from the ceiling. Adamant that we hadn't left it running, I panicked an ran home to find water not leaking, but flooding, from the ceiling in our kitchen. Apparently the water heater upstairs had broken, flooding our apartment and the salon below us. 

^^while the apartment was flooding, Evalyn had mastered crawling and was learning to pull herself up on things - at 5.5 months

^^a few hours later, Abby tripped and fell, breaking her finger (we found out the next morning when we took her into the orthopedist - pictured here). 

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