June (in pictures)

by - 7:27:00 PM

^^My favorite day of the year: PLL on Netflix. Go ahead, judge me. I judge me. But, someday I will know who 'A' is. And many life goals will be accomplished (and way less time wasted on this silly show).

^^so many beach days

^^our always happy girl

^^and so many playground days

^^the twinners in our family 

^^she refuses naps - until about 5:00 pm somedays

^^family movie night (we watched McFarland and thought of Uncle Kendon because of the cross country racing and it was placed in his mission! We heart Uncle Kenny!)

^^Father's day was especially fun this year. This guy and his two girls - he rocks it. There really isn't a better dad to little girls. 

^^D. surprised me on my birthday, showing up  for lunch after the girls and I got back from a morning at the beach. His half day from work, swimming at friends' (who then spoiled me with delicious dinner and dessert) was the best birthday present ever. 

^^Girlfriend started attempting to crawl right around 4.5 months. This child, I tell you. She's our brave adventurer. 

^^you know those moments when all of a sudden your child looks huge? This was one of them. And I cried, because I do that a whole bunch these days. 

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  1. Okay. I cannot believe your baby is crawling already. Why must babies grow so fast? I'm also guilty about PLL. I spent all of June watching that show and I'm so sad I now have to wait another year to get closer to finding out who 'A' is. Curse that show!